Curriculum Vitae


Conrad Gleber


August 15, 2009





University Address:                  College of Arts & Sciences

                                                  Department of Math & Computer Science

                                                  La Salle University

                                                  Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199

                                                  Phone: (215) 951-1161

E-Mail Address:              

Web Site:                         




Professional Preparation


1995-2001       PhD, Florida State University, College of Education, Department of Educational Research, Tallahassee, FL.

                       Major: Instructional Systems Design, Minor: Needs Assessment

                       Dissertation title: Learning Centered Environments: The Design of Strategies for Sociocultural Interaction and their Role in Solving Complex Problems, directed by Marcy Driscoll, Ph.D. The research was based on the writings of Lev Vygotsky, Kenneth Burke and Gregory Bateson, and focused on intersubjective relationships in collaborative learning environments.


1973-1975     MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.

Major: Media and conceptual art with emphasis in photography, artists’ book publishing, and film. Studies directed by Keith Smith, Robert Peters and Kenneth Josephson.

Awarded: Edward L. Ryerson post-graduate research fellowship to Tokyo, Japan to research contemporary artists’ book publishing. Yasuhiro Ishimoto and Eiko Hosoe facilitated my work there.


1969-1972       BFA, Florida State University, College of Visual Arts, Theater & Dance, Department of Studio Art, Tallahassee, FL.

                     Major: Fine Art, Emphasis: Photography.

                      Graduated with Department Honors in Fine Art

                      Studies directed by Evon Streetman, Robert Fichter



Professional Experience


2006-present   Associate Professor, Director of the Digital Arts and Multimedia Design Program, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, College of Arts & Science,

La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA

As director, I develop and maintain the program’s three-track curriculum of digital arts, electronic publishing and digital technology, oversee faculty assignments and responsibilities. I also teach the senior capstone project courses and other special topics designed to integrate science, technology and social awareness with art.


2003-06           Founder & Program Leader, European Graphic and New Media Design Program, Florida State University Study Centre, London, UK.

                        An intensive summer program for digital art students designed to introduce American university students to the European graphic and new media design community. Students lived in central London, met and worked with visiting professionals, local students, and produced a capstone project. (


2001-06           Associate Professor, Department of Studio Art in the College of Visual Arts, Theater and Dance, Florida State University

My responsibilities included the establishment and development of a BFA program in design and new media. I expanded the curriculum by developing and teaching digital art courses for undergraduate and graduate students. This included the theory and history of design, a seminar in the critical issues of contemporary design and studio art courses in new media design and publishing.



Honors, Grants and Awards:


2001                  Gagne Travel Award, Florida State University

1994-6              Grants received for the Future of the Book of the Future project:

Florida Arts Council, Apple Computers, Microsoft, University of Alaska Foundation, PacTel Foundation, Keio University Department of Information Infrastructure

1982-86                        New York State Council for the Arts, annual project and operation grants for Chicago Books exhibitions, workshops & performance events.

1977-79                        National Endowment for the Arts, collaborative project grants

Illinois Arts Council, collaborative project grants

1977                  National Endowment for the Arts, Individual Fellowship

1976                  Art Institute of Chicago, Edward L. Ryerson Individual Fellowship


Membership in Academic & Professional Organizations


College Art Association, nominated to the Board of Directors, 2005, 2006, 2009

International Digital Media Arts Association, President 2005-07, Journal Editor Emeritus

University Film and Video Faculty Association, member

American Institute of Graphic Arts, member

CEO Council of Philadelphia, Advisory Board member, 2007-08

OpenFilm, Zivos, LLC, Advisory Board member, 2008





La Salle Courses

ART 215 Color Theory, Fall 2006

ART 272 Introduction to Digital Photography, Fall 2006

DART 200 Theory & History of Digital Art, Fall 2007, 2008, 2009

DART 270 Undergraduate DArt Majors Seminar, Spring 2008

DART 377 Typography for Print & Web, Spring 2007, 2008, 2009

DART 378 Digital Storytelling Design, Fall 2007, 2008, 2009

DART 480 Senior Seminar, Spring 2007, 2008, 2009

DART 481 Senior Portfolio, Spring 2007, 2008, 2009

DART 460 & 461 Internship, Spring 2007, Fall & Spring 2008, 2009

DART 444 Undergraduate Research, Spring 2009

HIS 680 Techniques in Public History, approved new course in Public History program


London Study Centre Courses

Survey of European Graphic Design and New Media

Advanced Photography: Book & Portfolio Development

Digital Photography for Non-Art Majors

Visiting Lecturers Seminar


Florida State University

Media Workshop: Video DVD

Media Workshop: Graphic Design for Print

Advanced Workshop: Digital Photography & Video

Theory & History of Graphic Design

Critical Issues in Contemporary New Media

Photography for Non-Art Majors

Graduate Seminar: Print and Web Design

Graduate Apprentice Teaching

BFA Independent Study Seminar





Conference and Institutional Presentations

Digital Storytelling as a Global Interface, 7th International Congress on Higher Education, Havana, Cuba, 2010 (invited by the Executive Secretary of Taller de Pedagogia)

China as Subject::China as Scene::China in Mind, College Art Association, 2010 (refereed conference session committee)

Globalization, Education and Civic Responsibility: A Lasallian Response, Huether Lasallian Conference, St. Louis, MO, 2008

Facing the Violence in Our Lives: Digital Storytelling as Public Action, Association for Integrative Studies, 2007

UNESCO Waterways Project: Delaware River Artists Collaboration, University Film & Video Association, 2007

Rethinking Instructional Strategies for Teaching Art History, Tufts University, Consult with chair and faculty of the Art History Department, 2007

Career Symposium, Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins University, 2007

Concept Maps and Complex Questions: New Approaches to Media Design, Technology and Cultural History, 96th Annual Conference of the College Art Association, NYC, 2007 ( (invited)

Video in the Built Environment: Urban Screening as Public Art

Panel co-chair of an international panel (Manchester, UK- Chicago, IL) presentation using Internet video; University Film & Video Association Conference, 2005. (refereed by UFVA session committee)

Video in the Built Environment: Video on the Big Screen, Exchange Square, Manchester, UK

International Digital Media & Arts Association Conference, Manchester, UK & Orlando, FL (invited)

The Shape of Desire: Essential Ephemeral Qualities in Video and Audio Art, research paper,

93rd Annual Conference of the College Art Association, Atlanta 2004, (refereed by conference session committee) Cited in review at:

Professional Academic Development in Digital Media & Art,

International Digital Media and Arts Association Conference, Orlando 2004 (invited)

From data to culture: a model of information transition & transfer, paper presentation

American Educational Research Association, National Consortium of Instruction & Cognition, 2002 (refereed by NCIC committee)

Social learning instructional strategies: Teaching visual literacy through photography

Association of Educational Communications & Technology, 2000 Denver, CO (refereed by session chair)

What SHOULD Web Templates Do?

Association of Educational Communications & Technology, 2000 Denver, CO (invited)

The design of strategies for sociocultural interaction and analysis,

American Educational Research Association, National Consortium of Instruction & Cognition, 2000 (refereed by NCIC committee)

The effects of metacognitive training on developing creative self-expression,

American Educational Research Association, National Consortium of Instruction & Cognition, 1999 (refereed by NCIC committee)

Metacognitive strategies in self-directed learning environments,

Sixth Annual Scientific Seminar on the Quality of Education, Pinar del Rio, Cuba, 1999  (refereed by Conference Chair)

The virtual edifice: From cathedrals to computers (by way of the book),

Fifth Annual Scientific Seminar on the Quality of Education, Cienfuegos, Cuba.

1998 (refereed by Conference Chair)



Invited Art Symposium (paid honorarium)

The C-Series, Artists’ Books and Collective Action, Nathan Cummings Foundation, New York City, December 2004

Performance Art in Cuba: Group 609, New York University, New York City, March 2004

The Shape of Desire: Observation, Participation, & Performance vs. Object, Collection, & Preservation, Digital Arts & Culture Colloquium, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, November, 2004

Digital Photography and the Shifting Edifice for Visual Experience, IV Salon Y Coloquio Internacional de arte digital, Havana Cuba (digital printmaking and photography conference and exhibition) 2002

Digital Image Technology: Its Influence on Prints and Photographs, La Huella Multiple 2002, Instituto Superiore de Arte, Havana, Cuba, April 2002

Hello Cuba, Museum of Art & Science, Tallahassee, Florida, October 2001

The Future of the Book, Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, Georgia, March 1999

TIMELINE X: Historical Patterns of Text, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, October 1995





The Shape of Desire: Essential Ephemeral Qualities in Video and Audio Art

NMC Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus, Vol.1 No. 1 2005, (refereed by executive board of the New Media Caucus)

Six metaphors in search of the Internet, Shank, G. & Gleber, C., Teaching & Learning: The Journal of Natural Inquiry & Reflective Practice, Fall 2002 Vol. 17, Number 1 (refereed by journal editorial board)


Non-Refereed Publications


The Mongrel Influence: A critical look at 50 years of artists’ books, Outside of a Dog: Paperbacks and Other Books by Artists, Museum publication, BALTIC: The Contemporary Art Centre, Gateshead, England, 2003 (invited)


Exhibition catalogues


Production not Re-Production, Center for Book Arts, New York City, 2007

Ideas, International Digital Arts Association, Ball State University, Indiana, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008

The Future of the Book of the Future

Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

University of Alaska Press

Japanese Department of Information Infrastructure in Tokyo, Japan



Art Works Cited by Others


Reframing Photography: Theory and Practice, Modrak, R. & Anthes, B., Routledge, photographs and release requested, in press due June 2010

End of a Chapter: Photo-Offset Books, T. White, Contemporary Impressions, The Journal of the American Print Alliance, Fall/Winter 2008, Vol. 16, No. 2, ISSN 1066-9434

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No Longer Innocent: Book Art in America, 1960 to 1980, Bright, B., Oak Knoll Press, in press

The Century of Artists’ Books, Drucker, J., Granary Books, ISBN 1-887123-01-6, 1995

Structure of the Visual Book, Smith, K., ISBN 0-9740764-0-6, 1993



Recent Invited & Juried Exhibitions & Sponsored Installations

My individual artworks that were exhibited below are photographic prints, sculpture, video & audio installations and artist books. Documentation available at the website:

Note: Invited indicates that the curator of the exhibition contacted me directly to exhibit selected works.

 Juried indicates that the work was reviewed and selected for exhibition. The ratio given is accepted work

  to total submissions.

 Sponsored indicates a commission to produce work specifically for a site or event.

International exhibitions

Wouldya and Swerve to Look, The Big Screen, Cornerhouse, Manchester, England, March 2005 (Group Exhibition; Invited)

Daumenkino (The Flip Book Show) Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf, Germany,  2005 (Group Exhibition; Invited)

Antwerp, Belgium, 2006

Arte Digitale, Museo Nacional, Havana, Cuba 2002 (Group Exhibition; Invited)

Here’s Me Looking Back to See You Looking Back to See Me Looking at You, Gallerie Photographia, Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, 2002 (One-person exhibit).


National exhibitions

The History of the Future: A Franklin Furnace View of Performance Art, Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. and Video Data Bank, Inc. (Invited with honorarium)

Art over Text: Discovering the Art of the Book, Florida State University, Special Collections Exhibition Gallery, 2009 (Invited)

RealTime: A Live Video Exhibition/Mix, Dallas Contemporary Museum of Art 2008 (Group Exhibition; Invited)

Outside Invitational, Conelly Gallery, California State University, Fresno, 2008 (Group exhibition; Juried invitation)

Explorations in Fused Forms, New Medial Gallery, Denton, Texas, 2007 (Group exhibition; Invited)

Production, Not Reproduction: Offset Printed Artist Books, (Group Exhibition; Invited)

The Center for Book Arts, New York City 2007

The Museum of Printing History, Houston, Texas 2008

Digit Digital Media Exposition (Juried, 4:5)

The Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Narrowsburg, NY 2007 (Group Exhibition)

Code, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 2006 (Group Exhibition)

New Media/New Work, Art Interactive Gallery, Boston 2006. (Group Exhibition)

Building Id, An outdoor video projection, South Loop Chicago, Columbia College, 2005. (Group Exhibition; Sponsored)

Ideas, An annual showcase exhibit for creative projects and works of art that reflect novel approaches to the relationship between digital media tools and content.

University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, 2004 (Group Exhibition, Juried, 5:7), 2005 (Group Exhibition, Juried, 2:3)

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 2006 (Group Exhibition, Juried, 2:4)

Franklin Furnace's 25th Anniversary exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Branch, New York City, 2001 (Group Exhibition; Invited)



Art Activity, Exhibitions and Projects 1976-2004

My sculpture, photography and artists’ books have been exhibited nationally in Chicago, at the Art Institute and The Museum of Contemporary Art; in NYC at The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Just Above Midtown and The Franklin Furnace; and internationally throughout Europe as part of a traveling exhibition sponsored by the USIA. Photo-sculpture work was circulated by the Gallery Association of New York and traveled extensively around the Northeast United States.

Several university museums have exhibited my sculpture work including: SUNY at New Paltz, University of California at Santa Barbara, California State University at Fullerton, University of Chicago Renaissance Center, University of Colorado at Boulder.

My art activities led to work as a consultant for the National Endowment for the Arts, a panelist for the Massachusetts Foundation for the Arts and for the New York State Council for the Arts. In New York City, I conducted workshops at my studio for the Boston Museum School and other professional art organizations. I continue to explore the boundaries of my art through unique design of media, publishing techniques and exhibition projects and offered that knowledge through workshops, courses and community interaction.

Private collectors and various national and international institutions have collected my artwork. A specific list is available.


Practice Based Research and Non-Traditional Professional Activity

v1b3: Video In the Built Environment

I am one of three media artists that initiated this research project in 2005. Our efforts focus on three strategies to achieve the integration of new media art with the built environment.

First, we sponsor and publish the v1b3 Collections Series, which promotes the development of video artwork that addresses the urban condition. Second, we develop site-specific designs of small and large scale screened presentations that intervene in public space. The third and most ambitious is collaborations with architects and developers to integrate permanent public new media works into building designs.

It is a growing collaboration that involves over 100 international artists, architects and designers interested in issues of public and urban interaction with new media art.



v1b3: Invited Video Installations and Screenings:

Site Specific Video Projections:

DigitAfterDark, Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Narrowsburg, NY 2009

Our Friends Are Electric, The Streaming Museum, Melbourne, Australia 2008

vidi festi, Valencia, Spain 2008

v1b3 mobile video, Castlefield Gallery, curated by Daria Martin, Manchester, UK 2006



Chain Reaction, Upgrade! International, Istanbul, 2008

ArtSpace, College Art Association, Boston 2006

Americans for the Arts Conference, Milwaukee, WI 2006

Chapman University in Orange, California, 2006

Alternative Video Festival, University of Kansas, 2005

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio 2006

Film & Video Festival, University of Tennessee, 2005

Orlando & Manchester, UK, Simultaneous screening, 2005

Video & Film Summer Workshop, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, 2005

Urban Screens Conference, Amsterdam, 2005

Chicago, Manchester & Liverpool, UK, Simultaneous screening 2004, 2005


v1b3: Publications, Citations, Articles and Reviews

Material Meaning: Process, Product and Preservation in Public Art, Americans for the Arts Conference, Milwaukee, WI, 2006

Programming Video Art for Urban Screens in Public Space, Kate Taylor, First Monday, online peer reviewed journal, Special Issue #4, 2005

Michelle Kasprzak, The Art of the Interstitial, Glowlab website, 2005


Aware Projects

“Is the studio name for Conrad Gleber and Gail Rubini. They work as a visual arts collective specializing in the creation of new media art projects and commissions. AwareProjX synthesizes technology and provides solutions, which include: technology, media, creative design and user experience. They bring together local, national and international artists, all of them dynamic, creative and collaborative artists with skills in design, photo and video. Based in Philadelphia, after many years in New York and Florida, the artists of AwareProjX have never quite settled into a single category of art making.”

–Painted Bride News Release, November 2007

The first and ongoing project is to present artwork in the lobby entrance of their Old City studio on First Fridays. Works included video, audio and large scaled prints. The Painted Bride Art Center initiated the second project when they commissioned an exhibition of digital artwork titled digital:space:object. It was on exhibit from November 2007 to January 2008.

Also in November 2007, Nic Potter, a painting professor from Fresno State University, and I created an installation in the La Salle Museum entitled, Utopian Nightmares::Dystopian Daydreams. The site-specific design combined paintings with small video screens placed among the paintings displaying photos that simulated surveillance images being taken of the museum salon.

Currently, we are developing two projects. The Rivers Project: Delaware has begun as a call to artists living along the Delaware River to submit their work to be included in a multi-media display that creates an image of the role that the river plays in the development of culture.

The second project is called, My Alaska, Too. It is a digital mural installation specifically designed for the lobby of a new corporate building in Anchorage, Alaska. Five video monitors will be place between two rows of glass. The monitors will display images found on the Internet by way of software designed to locate images tagged as My Alaska. The glass panels will display “found” texts written or uttered by Alaskans living in Alaska.


Dialogues with Artists in Cuba

A 60-minute documentary film I co-produced and directed in 2003. It presents three internationally known visual artists and two performance art groups living and working in Cuba. A seven-minute preview can be accessed at


Karma Collaborative Project

Karma is the title of a music composition by Stella Sung and the video work I constructed using three large spandex screens. The video was made up of three vertical projections, each representing air, earth and water. I collected the content over 18 months and spent 4 months editing the visuals to the completed composition. The goal was to create a symbiotic relationship between the music and video. Stella refereed to it as immersive ambience. A limited edition DVD was published for the premiere on April 6, 2006.


The Future of the Book of the Future

This was a research project (1994-1998) designed as a hybrid artist installation/exhibition. It included artwork that was designed as a collaborative project between traditional artists, book artists, poets, writers, historians, scientists and Internet activists on the impact of information technology on text, book publishing and culture.

The first exhibition was at the Florida State Museum, then the University of Alaska, Anchorage and finally it was the inaugural exhibition for the opening of a new building to house the Japanese Department of Information Infrastructure in Tokyo, Japan. To maintain the idea of the exhibit as a cultural collaboration and catalyst for research, artists and others from each new venue had to generate work for the exhibit. Only a few works from previous shows traveled. Events such as poetry reading, performances, technology demonstrations, seminars and panel discussions were all part of the project. Many of the ideas and artifacts have been included on an award winning website that captures some of the original anticipation and energy of that formative period when the Internet became public.

The FOB project was co-curated with Gail Rubini, Associate Professor of Art at Florida State University. My specific role was to develop the core idea at each site, design the layout, select the work, and create visual signage for the exhibition. I designed an original work, TIMELINE X for the installation, designed visual elements for the website and co-designed the catalogue that was produced for the FSU Museum of Fine Arts exhibition and the University of Alaska exhibition.


Reviews about the Future of the Book exhibition

The Future Book, National Public Radio, June 1994

On surfing through great literature, courtesy computers, Tallahassee Democrat, April 1994

When old books go bad, what’s a librarian to do? Tallahassee Democrat, March 1994

“Facing the future of books and buildings, Tallahassee Democrat, February 1994

Museum muses on art with theater of the absurd, Anchorage Daily News, October, 1994

Future of the Book’ A look at the meaning of art, Anchorage Daily News, October 1994

Future of the Book, Interview, KTVA Anchorage News, October 1994

Books meet technology in a new exhibit that brings the future of books to life, The Northern Light, Anchorage, Alaska, October 1994


Contracts and Grants


Contracts and Grants Funded


Making Connections in Computer Science by Linking Science to Practice through Digital Media.

I served as the Co-PI in applying for NSF CPATH grant CCF-0722261. The funds are to host seven workshops over three years. The purpose of the workshops is to explore ways to make computer science more exciting and relevant to students by integrating topics related to digital media into the curriculum.  In this context, we define digital media to include digital imaging, audio, video, and multimedia programming.


The Future of the Book of the Future

A three-year project that generated several grants for exhibition, catalogue publication, shipping and travel. International Grant was awarded from the Office of Information and Infrastructure Protection Agency, Tokyo, Japan $ 30,000  (external funded) Keio University, Tokyo, Japan  $20,000



National grants were awarded for the Future of the Book of the Future exhibition and catalogue publication. PacTel Foundation,  $1500  (external funded) The PacTel Corporation is the telecommunications company for the Alaska and a corporate Sponsor for the Arts in the Northwestern U.S.  University of Alaska, Presidents Grant,  $2000.

State and local grants received for the Future of the Book of the Future exhibition, catalogue publication and shipping.

Florida Arts Council,  $12,000

Apple Computers, $15,000

Microsoft, $2000

Begos Publishing,  $5000


There were many in-kind contributions from national publishing companies who donated books published on CD ROM. There was additional local technical support from IBM to install and maintain the computers used during the month long exhibition.   




Service to the University

Committee Memberships

Holroyd Celebration Committee, 2009

Arts & Sciences Technology Committee, Spring 2007, 2007-09

Concert & Lecture Series Committee, 2007-09

The Digital Center for Urban Experience, is an archive collection of “threaded” DVDs that trace the way our students learn from their interaction with the urban community surrounding La Salle through the targeted use of “digital storytelling” by community partners and journalistic commentary by La Salle students and faculty. Marjie Allen, Robert Vogel and myself developed the initiative. Current projects include The Urban Writers Project, Travel Study Impact on Student Learning, and Community Service Projects by Nutrition Interns.

Engaging our Students, Energizing our Campus Environment, Invigorating Intellectual Life: A Modest Proposal, Teaching & Learning Workshop, Fall 2007

The subject was how to engage our students in the life of the city and region. Marjorie Allen, Robert Vogel, Jennifer Abraczinskas and myself discussed the use of digital archives as a way of bringing together students, faculty, and community members to give “voice” to the concerns of urban residents.

Founded The DArt Board of Advisors was founded in 2006 to help raise money to support faculty, students and the university digital arts projects. In Spring 2007, the Board established the Founders Award to be given to high achieving seniors in honor of the faculty who founded the DArt program.

Mix It Up Creative Collaboration is made up of an open group of artist faculty, Steve Jamison, Susan McDonald, Sandy Camomile, myself and Royer Smith, La Salle's executive chef.

In Spring 2007 we presented our first collaboration, Mix It Up. It was followed in the Fall semester with a week long presentation called Shake It Up.

The performances are presented at various locations on the La Salle campus and involve students in the planning and performance.

Each experimental piece blends visual, aural, physical and gastronomic experiences. They combine live and recorded music, real time and recorded projected video, interactive virtual environments and food. The next work, Requiem for Philadelphia will be presented in April 2008. The subject is murders in Philadelphia.

Faculty Chaperone, Travel Study to China, Spring 2008 and Brazil, Spring 2009


Service to the Community

Grant Panel member, Decentralization Grants program, New York State Council for the Arts, 2008

Advisory Board member, CEO Council for Growth, Select Greater Philadelphia

The CEO Council for Growth (CEO Council) is a group of prominent business executives committed to Greater Philadelphia’s growth and prosperity.

As the governing board of Select Greater Philadelphia, the CEO Council believes that regional leadership will define the future of the tri-state, eleven-county region. The CEO Council brings together top business executives and academic researchers from the region to set and implement an economic development agenda that creates growth in the region and nurtures collaboration among the many economic development interests.


Service to Professional Associations

Consultant,, is a Zivos, LLC project that will be launched in the summer of 2008. It intends to distribute highly rated student films. I advised them how to enroll other members and develop the workflow to assure that the best student films are available on the site.

President and Founding Board Member, Journal Editor Emeritus, International Digital Media and Arts Association 2004 – present. The International Digital Media Arts Association (iDMAa) was founded in early 2004 by a group of 15 universities to serve the needs of faculty in digital media and art programs. I edited the online and printed versions of the iDMAa Journal for two years. In 2006 I became the third president of the organization. Currently, I serve as the Advisory Board Chair.

Co-founder, Vice-President, New Media Caucus, College Art Association, 2003 –04. Currently a member of the publications committee

The New Media Caucus is a non-profit, international membership organization formed to advance the conceptual and artistic use of digital media. The caucus represents artists whose media are expanding with developments in digital technology and artists working in newly emerging media such as robotics, virtual reality, interactive and installation environments as well as artists working in established digital areas of video, sound and graphics. By providing a forum for the critical review of new media practice, the caucus increases the visibility and presence of new media practitioners.

Advisory Board Member, Statewide Course Numbering System Faculty Discipline Committee on Digital Media, Florida Department of Education, 2004-05

Florida statutes require the Department of Education to implement common course numbering by appointing faculty with expertise and commitment to specific curriculum domains. The committee on digital media was responsible for developing a statewide list of core competencies and common course numbering for digital media education for all state universities and community colleges

Service to the Academic Community

Consultant and Program Reviewer

Digital Communications Program, Lebanon Valley College, 2009

Outside Tenure Reviewer

School of Communications, American University, 2009

Art Department, Miami University, 2008